Music – My favorites –

Hello everyone. Today, I will introduce about MUSIC.  Especially, I want to list up my favorite Albums.

1.Greatest Hits [Queen]   

2.Made in Heaven [Queen]

3.The Fame [ Lady Gaga]

4. Thriller [Michael Jackson] 

The Albums are  Bestseller in the world. I like and respect them .



By the way, do you know Vocaloid?  Please read this Wiki.

There are  many music CD that made from Vocaloid in Japan and very popular in the internet website.

Recently, we can buy the CD about that.   I think Vocaloid is music and media.

The most characteristic point,  these CD are made by an amateur.

5. Supercell

This is one of the my favorite CD .

If you have interest about this, please search for a name.

Thanks to read!



My Favorite Travel

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about my favorite travel. In fact, I have never been to other country since I came Calgary.

So,  I will talk about my trip in Japan. There are many good places in Japan, Do you know Kyoto? It is the city name.

Kyoto has a lot of  historical buildings. They are so beautiful. So, my favorite travel was visiting Kyoto for the first time.



Look  at these pictures, they are  famous temples in Kyoto.  Especially, the  right one’s name is KINKAKU.

This temple was made of real GOLD and it was built 617 years ago. We are keeping this cultural assets while  the W.W.2  was happening

And the other, there are many good places. For example, if you want to eat delicious foods, you should go  the center of Kyoto.

There are many good restaurants near by Kyoto station. I  will introduce my favorite day plan.

1. Leave for Kyoto a little earlier than usually. [ Inside Kyoto city is  very crowd every weekend or holiday ]

2. See the sights of a sightseeing route. [We should make a plans about where are we going to visit?]

3. Going to eat at restaurant. [Kyoto’s Japanese restaurant is so good. But a little expensive. ]

4. Buy a souvenir. [The most famous souvenir is YATSUHASHI. It is  kind of sweets.  ]

souvenir This is YATSUHASHI. It is Japanese traditional sweets.  There are Beans jam inside, the taste is so good.

Finally, If you want to stay Kyoto one night, we need a lot of money. Kyoto’s hotel is one of most expensive hotel in Japan.

I guarantee that visit to Kyoto is very good for you.



Japanese Food Culture ” TEISHOKU”



Today, I want to introduce about Japanese Food Culture. This picture is one of Japanese food, we call it ” TEISHOKU”.

It is kind of set meal, including some of dish.  There are many type of  TEISHOKU in Japan.

Generally,they  contains rice, Miso soup, BBQ fish, Tempura, and so on. This set is cheaper than single dish, usually we can eat it under 8 dollar.

I like this menu because this set  is very nourishing, moreover, taste is so good.

I want to write more information but I can’t do by English,  sorry. If you going to visit in Japan, would you like eat this?